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    Since its introduction to the market in 1970's, the vacuum penis pump has proved to be a popular and efficient solution for erectile problems and even for penis size and performance improvement. It is well-known, trusted and during the past few decades since its appearance at the market those concerned have been buying this devise rather well. Nevertheless, the medical technology has been constantly searching for better, newer, more efficient solutions to replace older, even quite popular gadgets. And nowadays the market of penis enhancers offers far more effective devices, making them available for those looking for a means to get rid of erectile problems and even improve the penis size and its performance.

    The actual breakthrough, a veritable quantum leap forward in the world of mechanical gadgets happened after the invention of the so called 'penis traction devices'. Through careful clinical research and testing it was discovered that there is a possibility to create a gadget that is capable to efficiently increase the volume of the corpus cavernosa. This part of penis structure answers for erection, its quality and duration. In this way, a new efficient method to overcome erectile problem was introduced to the market.

    The outdated mechanical devices for penis enhancement, such as vacuum pumps, offer just a temporary fix to problems with the erectile dysfunctions. But newest state-of-the art gadgets like the ProExtender, which are now being made available, provide a permanent penis enlargement solution (free penis enlargement pills) for those suffering from poor erections.

    The way the penis pumps functions

    The operation principle behind the functionality of the majority of penis pumps is creation of vacuum around the penis body. The lack of air pressure created through removal of air draws the excessive volumes of blood from the blood circulatory system into the corpus cavernosa. This part of the penis, being filled with extra blood, provides for the improved erection. The size of erection actually increases, sometimes enormously.

    The basics of the penis pump operation include, in the first place, placing an air-tight tube around the base of the penis and securing the air-tight seal. Upon achieving the placement of the chamber, the user employs an electric or hand pump to extract the most of the air inside the chamber. It is not possible to achieve the perfect vacuum inside the chamber, but decrease of pressure is enough to result in blood inflow to the corpus cavernosa, and consequently, expansion of penis beyond its normal limits.

    Here rests the most serious difficulty that makes the penis pumps inconvenient for most users - as soon as the chamber is removed that will lead to immediate loss of gained size. To avoid this you have to place a special plastic or rubber fixing ring at the base of the penis. Next time the whole process has to be repeated. That is why most users think that penis pumps are much more suitable for 'pleasure pumping'.

    The way functions

    The functionality of the ProExtender is based on methods that are quite different from the vacuum pump operating. It is based on the principle of traction - the device causes the body to make the penis bigger, longer and thicker through actually growing new tissues. The same methods have been used for centuries by some native peoples to modify their bodies the way they needed. The similar techniques are found in the modern reconstructive surgery when medics need to create and expand tissues. The application of a stretching force, very gentle and safe, produced by ProExtender, makes the body to react to the pressure and, in order to relieve it, actually create new tissue.

    The application of the extender itself is very simple and perfectly safe. The extender is attached to the penis in a way that is similar to that of the vacuum pump, but does not include a vacuum tube. A specially designed soft rubber ring is placed around the head of the penis. Upon that a user just very gently tightens the extender, in this way applying the needed pressure on the penis.

    The results and the period of time upon which they become obvious depend on two major factors, which are the amount of time spent on carrying the extender and amount of tension force applied to the penis. Combining of penis enlargement supplements with application of devices such as the ProExtender System is considered by many users to be beneficial, giving increased effects.

    Will the results last?

    All the buyers and users of mechanical penis enhancement devises are looking for an efficient solution that will bring increased penis size and better erection for sex. This is their major goal. The penis pumps continue to be in use and that proves that their temporary efficiency is good enough for a number of users. But looking at the ability of vacuum pumps to bring some permanent improvements it should be recognized that they appear, however, to be among most limited devices in this context.

    However, the ProExtender traction device was designed by using established medical techniques exactly as a permanent solution for problems with penis size and erection quality. The positive results of traction methods have been tested and proven clinically.

    Some final points to wind it up

    It should mentioned that there are some reports regarding slight gains in penis size that were brought about after many years of constant practicing the vacuum penis pumping. But still there have not been any clinical tests that could prove this point of view. These devices are perfect for getting the penis ready each time before having sex and do not give any lasting results. The new generation of traction devices, such as ProExtender, would be the recommended choice for users looking for permanent results.

    Quality Penis Stretcher Guarantees Noticeable Penis Growth. Recommendations For Using A Penis Stretcher For Safe Penis Size Enhancement

    Nowadays it is not so easy to find a male person absolutely satisfied with his sexual performance and/or the dimensional parameters of his manhood. As was discovered by miscellaneous specialized surveys, the majority of male individuals in almost any age group expressed a wish for having much more impressive penis, both in size and length. A bigger, longer, and thicker penis can always be of tremendous help in any situation related to love making. That is quite natural, since, according to the female population, the size of the love-making instrument does matter for satisfactory sex. A harder and bigger penis promises more enjoyment and an easily accessible orgasm, probably, several of them in a row! The ladies, as was discovered by sexologists through extensive research and questionnaires, have expressed their love-making preferences quite openly: a partner with modestly sized manhood is not a competition for an impressively-hung cowboy. Of course, the love making skills are important too, but they would never cover the deficiencies of an embarrassingly tiny penis, alas!

    The harsh truth of real life is that greedy Mother Nature does not take care to endow all male individuals equally. Some male individuals happen to be equipped much better in the love-making department than others. Some poor soles were born with rather modestly sized penises - the manhood dimensions happen to be genetically predetermined.

    A piece of good news for those who were born with a short and thin manhood - nowadays the medical science has developed several methods of efficient penis enhancement. That means a guy with an undersized manhood can do can something about it! Nowadays any male, interested in his penis enlargement, is given a possibility to deal with the problem in a proper and efficient way.

    In fact, there are several methods, advertised on the Internet that make promises to enlarge an undersized manhood. In the first place, it is penile surgery. We are not going to discuss this method in details since it is very expensive and potentially harmful because of high chance of adverse after-surgery effects. There are some other, safer and more affordable penis stretching options that are commercially available in the market: penis vacuum pumps, penis stretchers, herbal enhancement pills and natural penis extension exercises. So, a guy with a persistent idea of his penis size enhancement will have quite a range of methods to choose from! And that might be a problem for a newbie, since the choice should be wise and balanced.

    We would like to give you a word of caution in advance - not all penis stretching methods and gadgets do perform as advertised. For instance, natural enhancement pills and vacuum penile pumps have never been designed with the penis enlargement purposes in mind. They are efficient against erectile dysfunction (a penis pump), or a tired, fatigued libido (herbal sexual enhancement pills). But neither a vacuum pump nor an herbal pill would ever extend your manhood shaft for a fraction of an inch. You should not fall for the promises of aggressive advertisement and marketing, otherwise your hard-earned money will go down the drain for sure!

    Actually, if your objective is penis size enhancement, you have got just two choices: either a penis stretcher or a system of penis extension exercises.

    In principle, both methods are based on the same idea: application of external, directed, pulling force to the penis stem in order to stimulate its growth. This principle of tissue growth stimulation through gentle, but regularly applied traction force has been known for many centuries. It was used for specific spiritual and cosmetic purposes in many cultures of Africa, Asia and Americas. The traction force, applied to the tissues of the penis stem, makes the cells multiply more energetically, growing additional tissues in order to relive the external pressure. If the force is applied on regular bases, then, as a result of such persistent inciting, within 8-10 weeks you will see positive results of penis extension.

    Let us have a closer look at the way a penis stretcher operates

    It is a rather simple gadget, consisting of a ring-like base, two parallel rods and a special noose at the opposite end. The gadget is put on your penis. The ring-like base rests against the base of your penis stem and the pubic bone. The noose is fixed at the bases of the head of your penis. Then a user adjusts the traction force with the help of two parallel rods. As simple as that!

    In order to get positive results it is necessary to use a penis stretcher every day for several hours in a row. It can be worn at night, while you sleep. Or you can strap it on during the day-time if you see it fit. The device can be easily hidden under your clothes. The advantage of a penis stretcher over penis exercises is obvious you strap the gadget on, set up the traction and the rest is done automatically. You go about you business or just sleep, but the penis stretcher is doing its job and your penis is gaining in size!

    What is important, when choosing the right brand of penis stretcher, is to do some careful research. You can check on the penis stretcher that you intend to purchase through online reviews and forums. The comments of actual users of this particular model would be very valuable. The penis stretchers are offered at different costs. The price reflects the quality of the model. The cheaper brands could be not very comfortable to wear, because of inferior materials and craftsmanship. And they might be not so safe to use as more expensive, but more convenient models. So, if you cannot afford the best and most popular models of penis stretchers, or may be you are not so eager to part with your money, then you should better concentrate on manual penis extension exercises.

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